Technical Description

Palusol® is an intumescent material with excellent technical properties with an early start reaction at 100°C. In case of fire, the material develops a non-combustible, heat-retardant, fine-pored and pressure-resistant mass, while the water bound in the material evaporates in cases of fire, ensuring a cooling effect.

Areas of Application

Fire doors made of steel, aluminium or wood. Glazing and facades. Safety cabinets & control cabinets. Double doors. Thermal insulation elements. Partitions. Cable penetrations. Gas stop valves. Pneumatic drives.

Technical Data

Technical Data - Verification ETA-15/0345
Technical Data - Gross Density approx. 1,600kg/m³
Technical Data - Start of Expansion Temperature from approx. 100°C
Technical Data - Expansion Rate approx. 7 times (550°C, 10 min with load)
Technical Data - Foam Body Solid
Technical Data - Pressure min. 0.95N/mm² max. 1.60N/mm²
With Adhesive? No


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