Feuer Trutz Nuremberg

The svt Group will be exhibiting at Feuer Trutz 2024 in Nuremburg, Germany, 26th-27th June 2024

The event will mark the launch of the Flamro range of structural passive fire protection products to the European market. All products are independently tested to the highest European standards, are CE Marked and have updated ETA’s which will set a new benchmark for Europe. As part of the svt Group of companies C H Materials Ltd will be represented at the show and will offer the Flamro product range to the market in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

This is an excellent opportunity to be able to offer high quality fully certified products in the UK, from innovative Service Transits, the Multi Collar and cable protection systems to protect against spread of flame and help maintain circuit integrity during a fire.

Flamro will be an excellent addition to the products already on offer in the UK market.


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