Intumescent Materials

Intumescent materials react to heat by swelling to fill a gap in order to compartmentalise a fire. Intumescent material is used in many passive fire prevention applications and fire stopping devices for example pipes, ducts, electrical cables and facades where compartmentalisation is required to ensure safe passage of escape in the event of fire in a building. It is also used to protect component parts from heat.

At C H Materials Ltd we supply a wide range of specialist intumescent materials for use in fire protection.  Our Kerafix Flexpan 200 range has a temperature reaction from 140 to 220 degrees and can expand to 44 times its volume by creating a solid and stable char to fill gaps and hold back the heat of a fire. Kerafix FXL Intumescent creates no pressure on expansion so is ideal for glazing applications and protecting sensitive electrical components.

    See reactive and intumescent pages for full list of materials.  We are continually adding to our range of high specification intumescents with a new material FlexPremium H, this will be brought to market in the near future.  We are also able to tailor our materials to suit individual product requirements.  Contact us with your specific application.

    Fire Testing – we can offer customers the use of a test furnace in order to establish the most effective product for their application.  A series of indicative tests can greatly reduce the risk of failure in expensive accredited laboratory tests.

    Contact us for more information.

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