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Intumescent Materials

Ceramic Tapes, Butyl Tapes and Fire Stopping Devices

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C H Materials supply a wide range of specialist technical materials and products to niche markets. This includes various grades of intumescent materials for manufacture of fire stopping devices. We also supply specialist glazing tapes and accessories for steel and timber fire rated glazing applications.

We back up our product range with in depth product and applications knowledge based on many years of experience working in passive fire protection markets worldwide.

C H Materials offer cost effective quotes and professional technical information with a vast range of fire stopping products and solutions.

Fire Testing – we can offer customers the use of a test furnace in order to establish the most effective product for their application. A series of indicative tests can greatly reduce the risk of failure in expensive accredited laboratory tests.

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CH Materials are the UK and overseas trusted supplier of Intumescent materials such as Kerafix, Fibrefrax, Butyl Tapes, Fyrewrap, K Tape and Fire resistant glazing seals.